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13 Ways to Self Care During Quarantine

My all-time favorite episode of Parks and Recreation is one where Donna and Tom celebrate a “Treat Yo-Self” day once a year. Whatever they want, they shout “treat yo-self” encouragingly at each other and indulge. I’ve found that in times of high stress, such as this pandemic we are experiencing, the idea of jumping in and treating yo-self is extremely relevant. If you want to feel good in this time and let go of stress, here’s my answer:

Treat yo’self!

And here’s how:

1. Treat yo’self to an at-home facial!

Nothing will lift your spirits like turning on some spa music, setting up an aromatherapy diffuser, and relaxing with a face mask and some cucumbers on your eyes. For a millennial pink look that will compliment your Instagram feed, try our pink clay mask. It’ll detoxify and nourish your skin while you socially distance — who needs a spa?

2. Sleep!

With our work-from-home schedules, we no longer need to factor in commuting time or getting glam for the office. Use this extra time to give yourself something valuable — like an extra hour of sleep. Sleep is our body’s natural recovery system and I guarantee you’ll feel better the more you indulge in it. Those of you with young kids who still wake up at six a.m.— we feel for you and are sending you all the restful vibes in the world!

3. Try your hand at an at-home mani-pedi.

Our nails have suffered with the shutdown of non-essential businesses. If you have acrylics, they’ve grown out; if you wore gels, you’ve googled fifteen different ways to remove them. Now is the time to go back to basics, and switch to painting your own nails. A DIY manicure can be something of a messy process, but you can keep it “clean” by choosing a non-toxic nail polish. Happy painting!

4. Work out at home!

Gyms are closed, but moving your body is guaranteed to make you feel happier and more confident. One of my favorite options for home exercise is AloYoga’s AloMoves membership— but there are dozens of free workout options available too. If you like Crossfit/strength-style workouts, follow @syattfitness on Instagram. I’ve been following his text workout series. Every day he sends out a themed workout that you can do at home with zero equipment, and I’ve definitely gotten stronger! A beauty tip for the fitness lovers: always wash your face right after a workout. We offer a refreshing cucumber-acai face wash that would be a perfect cool-down.

5. Reorganize your room.

With all this time at home, you’ve likely noticed spaces that can be improved in your living area. Whether you’re in a room with roommates or have the whole place to yourself, now is the time to bring out your inner Marie Kondo and make sure everything in your space sparks joy.

6. Try learning some new makeup looks.

There’s no better time than now to treat yourself with some spontaneous, lighthearted glam. Check YouTube for some new beauty looks and challenge yourself to try them. If you’re looking for a clean base to avoid breakouts, try one of our all-natural foundations. And if you’ve never tried a cream eye shadow and want one with intense pigment that is free of toxic ingredients, try one of these!

7. Facetime your loved ones.

When we aren’t in quarantine, it’s more than common to play a little bit of phone tag with our relatives and childhood friends. They call you when you’re about to go to work; you call them when they’re on their way to dinner. Now is the time to catch up with those you love— it’ll lift your spirits and theirs’! Another tip: set up Zoom dates with your friend group at least once a week. Without a doubt, you can get through this together.

8. Find the perfect skincare routine.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to neglect the basics— but the basics are oh so important. If you’re looking for tips, start with a simple five-step system of a cleanser, a toner, a serum, a sunscreen, and a moisturizer. The ideal morning for your skin: cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen. The ideal night: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer. Oh, and if you wear makeup— be sure to pre-cleanse with a cleansing oil. Your skin will thank you!

9. Cook more.

A home-cooked meal is the new five-star dining experience, and you can find dozens of recipes just using your pantry staples. My favorite recipe site for basic but divine meals is Budget Bytes, where chef Beth uses minimal ingredients when possible to make healthy, delicious foods. I’ve been practicing pretty strict social distancing, meaning my grocery store trips are sparse. This makes her recipes a lifesaver — I can make so much from her website with what I already have\\that my meals are anything but boring.

10. Try out new hairstyles.

Everyone seems to be cutting or dyeing their own hair nowadays—and while we can’t recommend doing that without professional guidance, new hairstyles are
in abundance! Search for some challenging braid tutorials on YouTube— you’ll get a new style and even a mini arm workout (trust me; some take 45 minutes). And if you, like me, resorted to bleaching your own hair, reach for a powerful, all-natural leave-in conditioner to heal and restore.

11. Try creating art for a low-cost way to revive your space!

You can order acrylic paints and canvases on Amazon— challenge yourself to paint something. For less of a challenge, you can create something abstract like splatter paint or geometric shapes. If you want to really utilize your skills, paint a favorite memory of you and your beau, or a beloved pet. Tip from a former art teacher: sketch out your painting beforehand. You’ll thank me later when you have a charming gallery to display without leaving the house!

12. Take regular walks to get some sun.

If you’ve been feeling down lately, you’re not alone!
One of the best things you can do to lift your mood is let your body absorb some good old Vitamin D. Take a walk around your neighborhood (and wear a mask if you need to). For your skin, add a clean, mineral-based sunscreen— 90% of premature aging is from sun exposure, and mineral sunscreen is better for the environment!

13. Switch up your shower experience!

Try attaching eucalyptus leaves to your showerhead or, better yet, install a new one (not as intimidating as it sounds). Looking to add even more luxury? Try our coconut and sugar body polish— it’ll leave you feeling like you’ve spent your day at a tropical spa. If you try any of these tips, let us know what you think! We’d love to share your “treat yo’self” experiences on our Instagram.