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The Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide for Mother’s Day



The Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide for Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to pamper your mom with something different this year— clean, eco-conscious beauty. Make her feel beautiful every day with some incredible skincare and makeup finds:

For the mom who kicks butt in business

Does your mom inspire you to work harder every day? Treat her to clean makeup with a “five-minute face” kit— because getting ready in the morning shouldn’t take an hour. She’ll feel happy knowing she has a set system for putting her best foot forward every day. Start with an all-natural mascara, concealer, universal eyebrow pencil, flattering blush, and subdued lipstick — everything your hardworking mom needs for instant professional glam. If you add a note about how much you appreciate having her in your life and how much she inspires you to work harder, she’ll absolutely love it.

For the mom who loves keeping it natural

Your mom never got into makeup, but that’s fine— because she helped you understand your natural beauty. Help her natural beauty shine with clean skincare that will bring a youthful radiance to her complexion. She’ll think of you every day when she uses it. Start with an antioxidant-rich cleanser, add a regenerating facial serum, and top it all off with a nourishing, youth-preserving moisturizer. For a finishing touch, include some flower seeds in your package. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

For the mom who wishes she lived by the ocean

Does your mom decorate with seashells and have bookshelves stacked with Elin Hilderbrand novels? We can’t blame her— all of us crave that feeling of being by the beach. With travel at a standstill, the next best thing is a beachside spa experience at home. Our coconut and sugar body polish, eucalyptus toning mist, and illuminating bronzer will leave her feeling refreshed and looking sun-baked. If you’d like to go the extra sandy mile, frame a photo of the two of you from your last beach vacation. She’ll feel like she’s back in that spot, soaking up the sun and the sea with you.

For the mom who deserves some serious pampering

Moms are tough—and they deserve a break from the wild hustle and bustle of life. To truly give your mom some TLC with your mother’s day gift, opt for a mini-facial with a nourishing, rejuvenating scrub and a collagen-stimulating mask. Optional: a moisturizing and soothing facial oil to add a finishing touch to the routine. She’ll feel beautiful inside and out, just like she deserves. Add a gift card to her favorite restaurant to really make her feel special.

For the mom who taught you how to be glamorous

Your mom showed you how to be empowered and bold in life. She always speaks her mind— and taught you that your ideas are worth sharing. Help her make her mark with a bold, nourishing lipstick and a brilliant non-toxic nail polish to match. Her confidence will shine and you’ll likely get a selfie of her dolled up with her new treats. Consider sending flowers along with your gift— they’ll brighten up the room (just like she does).

For the mom who prefers quiet elegance

Perhaps your mom’s idea of a perfect night is a quiet evening by the fire with some books, classical music, and her family. Honor that with a neutral, luxurious nail polish, a nourishing nude lip balm, as well as a rich, hydrating body lotion. She’ll love it, and for a mom who loves the finer things, something as simple as a distraction-free FaceTime call can mean the world.

For the mom who loves all things crafts

Is your mom a DIY queen? Let her explore that creative spirit when it comes to self-care by giving her a beautiful pink clay mask and a hair oil treatment. She’ll love the opportunity to bring craftiness to her beauty routine— and she’ll rest easy knowing the products are non-toxic and naturally based. What to add in with her beauty treats? A handmade card, drawing, or painting goes a long way no matter how old you are.

Opt for clean beauty this Mother’s Day! You’ll help make things beautiful for your mom and the planet.