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Your Clean Beauty Guide to Sweatproof Summer Makeup


I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready for the heat and sunshine of summer. Since moving to a new city I’ve been seeking out quiet, secluded places for picnics and lounging with a book by the water. I’m looking forward to the day when I can go to the beach with friends and soak up the rays, and since getting into clean beauty I’ve been working hard cultivating a routine that can survive anything from a day at the beach to a picnic in the park.


Long-lasting makeup starts with a solid base, so choose a refreshing primer like this one from Skin2Spirit. I always aim to use mineral primers because they’re better for those of us with sensitive skin— and this one is silicon-free, meaning it won’t clog your pores!


If you like a bold eye, eyeliner is a perfect choice for any long-lasting makeup look. Ours’ are 100% natural, cruelty-free, and free of toxins— meaning they’ll come off easy with your makeup remover but stay put when you need it. I love this aqua blue option for an unexpected pop of color that is sure to shine!


Our eyes show our character, so let’s make them really stand out this summer! For me, that means a touch of bright color in the inner corners of the eye. Sometimes that and mascara are all I wear, and I feel beautiful! Try this creme ivory shadow that packs in shimmer and pigment with every application.


On basic days, just mascara does the trick for a summer look. So if you just want to make your lashes pop while infusing them with lash-growth botanicals, opt for Zuii Organic’s Granite Mascara. The lash-growth is key here: I strive for long lashes in every season. Wispy, healthy lashes widen and brighten all eye shapes.

I avoid full-face coverage in the summer, but a good stick foundation is great for spot-coverage like under eyes or small breakouts. For an all-natural concealer that won’t budge, opt for Au Naturale’s Zero Gravity Foundation. It’s nourishing and non-toxic, so it can even add to your skincare regimen!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m ready to leave intense contouring behind in 2019. When the sun is bright, all I want is a gorgeous natural highlighter to make the high points of my face pop. This one from Au Naturale certainly does the trick— and it comes in gold and pearly white to flatter a broad range of skin tones!

For those unwilling to let go of contour, opt for a more natural creme bronzer like this one from Au Naturale. It’ll give you the sun-kissed glow without the damage of UV rays!

I like warm colored blush for summer and our creme blushes don’t disappoint. My favorite is this grapefruit-colored one, again from Au Naturale. The best thing about doing your face with the same brand is the products are formulated to work with one another. This blusher with a golden highlight screams “summer glow”.

Of all the trends I love for summer, my favorite is the glossy lip. While the last few years have obsessed over matte smiles, our obsession with skincare is finally paying off. Layer lipstick and gloss to create a pigmented, hydrating look that will wear well throughout the day. It’ll start glossy and end matte with plenty of room in between for re-applying. Start with a pink-toned nude lipstick, and top with a gold-toned gloss for a bright but subtle look.

Two summers ago when I first got into skincare, I started keeping face mists in the cooler along with our drinks and food on beach days. Chilled, this refreshing eucalyptus toner is a game changer. It’ll keep your makeup intact while taking your temperature down and hydrating in the heat.

If you managed to get too much sun, seek out a mint corrector to balance any redness that might entail. Even without any extra makeup, this will bring balance to your skin tone. For those who love DIY projects, I recommend finding organic aloe vera and running it through a food processor, then applying the gel to the face. It’ll soothe your skin without any of the irritants that store-bought aloe gel contains.

When you’re looking for new makeup finds for summer, choose clean beauty like the items in this slideshow. Not only are they better for your skin (which takes a beating with sweat, sun, and sunscreen), but they’re better for the environment. Especially when it comes to swimming in lakes and oceans, non-toxic products are always the best choice!