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Base Coat

Step 1

By using a base coat first, you will prevent your polishes from getting streaky and eliminate those “ridges” that can sometimes appear on your nails. It will help to prevent dark colors from staining your nail beds and gives the polish an even surface to adhere.

Nail Polish

Step 2

For every season and celebration, we have an amazing selection of different nail color polishes to decorate and show off your creation and style.

Top Coat

Step 3

The top coat acts as a sealer to the colored polish. When the polish is sealed, it gives a nice hard glossy surface for longer wear to show off your pretty nails.


For Your Nails

Everything can have an effect on our nails, that's why they always in need of extra help to be stronger and healthier. We have a great selection of treatments to give your nails a healthy boost that they deserve.