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About Us

About Us

The Beginning

Explore Beautiful… two simple words that represent an idea, a dream, a movement of a generation. It captures that feeling of excitement and discovery for everyone to enjoy.

Back in 2016 an idea was born, the idea was simple, contribute to a better world; to do something larger than ourselves. We’ve spent days, weeks, months thinking, discussing, debating and brainstorming what we wanted to do and what we wanted to stand for. This idea has firmly planted its roots in our minds. There were many questions and very little answers.

One night, by pure chance the two words “Explore” “Beautiful” crossed the mind. Little did we know the impact these two simple words would have on us, on our life and our dreams.

Behind The Name

We are a husband and wife team, along with our two cats and our dog for emotional support :) Along with a small team of bright individuals at X2Y and a whole community of people from all over the world who believe in Explore Beautiful.

Explore Beautiful is an idea to allow everyone to explore the beauty and benefits of natural cosmetics. To learn about the brands, the ingredients, feel the benefits and tell Your story.

Why Cosmetics?

As the world continues to transform and transition to a cleaner and healthier future then shouldn’t the personal care products we use every day follow the same trend?

Having personally experienced the negative effects of low quality, synthetic cosmetics, we’ve decided to take on the beauty industry by finding less known brands from all over the world who do care about our health and wellbeing. Brands who do stand behind their ingredients and do believe in their products having a positive impact on the world by gathering them in one place.

The beauty industry is very old and is tainted with chemicals, manufactured ingredients, and disregard. Have you ever paid attention to the ingredients that make-up the makeup?

We did, and we want everyone to spend a little bit of time to explore different products from all over the world as we continue to grow together and discover more brands that align with a healthier, cleaner future.

How We Contribute

We continue to learn and educate the world about ingredients and unique clean cosmetics.

We support amazing art photographers who capture the genuine excitement of the little things that make us happy.

We support all businesses who believe in our collective cause and the Explore Beautiful community.

We continue to optimize to use as little resources as possible to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

We use recycled packing paper and eco-friendly boxes from the United States Postal Service.

We use USPS for shipping because we believe in supporting our nation's oldest mail carrier. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was appointed first Postmaster General by the Continental Congress in 1775?

We are also going to donate a small amount, a few cents to the nearest dollar from each purchase to local charities and foundations who stand behind noble causes. This is why all the product pricing you see on is whole.

The Design

We believe in a different experience, from browsing the Explore Beautiful community to the time you open the box; it should always be special.

-- Sabina & Oleg